Thursday, January 13, 2011

what's wrong with this picture?

I'm not sure what makes this sugar fest of a pic so glorious. It could be the lacefront, the absence of eyebrows, the blush creeping out the beard or maybe that one plush red lip. you decide

how to spot stalker potential in your partner

The problem with crazies is that they don't let their craziness show until you are in too deep. For the first few weeks or months of your relationship they are the perfect girlfriend/boyfriend and then, suddenly, the crazy comes out. It might seems as though the crazy came from nowhere but had u payed attention and looked for the right signs you might have noticed that your significant other was a few sandwiches short of a picnic. One of the most common manifestations of a crazy partner is the stalker and today I will perform a public service by laying down qualities which I think may help people identify a potential stalker:

1)within days of dating them your partner already seems to know a lot about you and your family, including information that you are positive you are yet to share with them

2)within of dating your partner has sent facebook friend requests to the last 5 people who last wrote on your wall and is now following the 5 people you tweet to the most

3)they expect you to check in with them at the top of every hour. failure to do so results in a barrage of phone calls and text messages and failure to answer those results in a barrage of phone calls and texts to your closest friends and family

4)they stalk your facebook page and expect a reply to every post, including status updates,wall posts, picture comments,pokes etc, within 5 or 10 minutes. failure to do so results in a phone call inquiring as to why you are being so slow and uncommunicative

5)they ask you a lot of personal questions which sound eerily similar to the security questions on your email

6)on several occasions you have called her/him to find out where he/she was and, coincidentally, they just happened to be pulling in to your drive way

7)they know a lot of personal details of not only your exes but also of every girl/guy who they ever accused you of looking at for a moment too long

8)they know all your bbm, skype, IM contacts off by heart. in alphabetical order

9)within days of dating they know all the contents of your bedroom and their exact locations at any given time off by heart

10)their only friends are you and your friends and even when you didn't invite them along, they always manage to arrive at a gathering no more than 5 minutes after you. 10 if they're trying to play it cool

11)they generally have no life of their own outside of the relationship, you are their hobby

12)they tend to show up unannounced at your job, church, grandma's house etc. usually to check if you're really where you said you would be and occasionally in an attempt to catch you doing something you shouldn't be doing

13)they constantly want to know, who's calling you, who's texting you, what pictures you have on your phone, what cities the world clock on your phone is set to, whether your phone is telling the correct time,what calendar notes do you have on your phone, how long is the battery life on your phone...

That's all I got. Watch out for these traits and those like them and you might be lucky enough not to get in too deep with a crazy

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

you are the best you right now

It's the beginning of a new year which means everyone is making resolutions to do things or to refrain from doing things with the hope that it will make them better in some way. New year's resolutions range from the frivolous such as 'I will wear brighter shades of nail polish' (because you think it will make you seem more exciting)to the more serious such as 'I will feed my kids healthier food' (because the TV special about childhood obesity scared you). Whenever the year is coming to a close I see lots of articles about what are the best new year's resolutions to have and what to do in order to achieve them. The intentions are always, or at least usually, noble ('I will be more careful not to get caught cheating' could be an exception) but the follow through is always less than stellar. The result is that you fall back into your old bad habits and wait for another year to roll around before trying (and failing)again to change your ways. The whole new year's resolution thing really just doesn't help anyone and the reason for that is because you're probably not ready.

Everyone grows at their own pace and it is highly unrealistic that we can all synchronize ourselves once at the beginning of every year and do a mass cleanse of bad habits. Not only is it unrealistic but I find it unhealthy too. It has never been a good idea to push someone to do something before they are ready and same goes for you trying to take on a challenge when you are not ready. If it so happens that you reach the stage in your life where you are ready to stop smoking or eating chocolate or drinking wine and this happens on December 31st or thereabouts then adopting that as your new year's resolution is fine. But adopting a resolution just because it is what you are supposed to do at the end/beginning of each year is counter-productive. Learn to accept and enjoy your process. I am a staunch believer that where you're at is where you're supposed to be. Without going in to detail I can testify that that saying has proven true in my own life-every mistake I've made has eventually led me to where I'm at right now.

Please don't get me wrong-I am not saying be lazy and don't try to improve yourself. I am saying go about it in a manner that is best for you at a time that is best for you. That's the only way in which you can achieve true growth and maturity. What works for you might not be what works for the next guy and vice versa and the best thing you can do for yourself is to understand this:right now,you are the best you. Nobody is a better you than you can be. Pay attention to advice but never lose sight of the fact that the decision is always yours and as long as you allow yourself to grow you will eventually get to where you're supposed to be.

Monday, January 10, 2011

shoes of the week

These are the Caryssa pumps from Steve Madden.who says the functional black pumps have to be boring? love it!

handbag of the week

This is the "Otilia Satchel" from Guess. i want i want i want!!!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

animal rights r ok-til sumone wants a steak

I know I'm kinda late with this one but I'm still mad that Mike Vick had to go to jail over them dogs while Sean Bell's killers run free. What is this hypocrisy?? I don't see the difference between a cat a dog and a steak-truly I don't-it's all just meat. the only reason i don't eat puppy as opposed to lamb is that we just didn't do that where I come from. That's the same reason why I won't be eating snail when I'm in France or a gecko in Thailand (I'm serious). But at the end of the day it's all just meat and it's not my problem if you fail to see Mittens the kitten in that light.

When this story first blew up the whole of the United States was all up in arms, calling for Mike Vick's blood. And then they turned off their TV's and went and had bacon and cheese burgers for lunch. Of course everyone said it wasn't just the fact that animals were being injured and killed but the way in which it was happening.Having dogs fight each other for money and sport was animal abuse and that his "crime" was heinous. Eh?? People have been using animals for sport for centuries!! The flippin Queen of England and her people go fox hunting, Sarah Palin and her redneck friends go moose-hunting and in those instances its just considered a sport-something fun to do-even to be proud of in some circles. But as soon as a nigger (yeah I said it) does anything of the sort it's a crime. They were even gonna try Mike Vick under the RICO act-the same shit that mob bosses go down for.I mean really now!!! I bet you the judge who resided over the case was even the most kobe-beef-loving red-kneck to ever breath-I bet you the lawyer for the prosecution was the first in line the day that the KFC double-down came out.

Speaking of KFC people eat chicken wings and ribs all day everyday-how come no one's been arrested for that?? Rich white folk walking around all over the place in real fur and the only people who are mad are PETA. I don't see how any of that was different. It is just clear to me that white folk will try to find any damn way to bring the negroid race down and they are doing it with no shame. I think this is just cause for me to start a petition for McDonalds to start making kitten and puppy burger-I say kitten and puppy coz full grown dog meat might be a bit tough. If we'r gonna fight for equal rights within the human race i don't see why some animals should get special treatment.

But most importantly with the state of the economy, all these damn wars going on and real crime rates all over the world I am baffled that the US justice system even had the time for this nonsense.I'm telling you-anything to bring a black man down. Well, wherever he is, I hope Mike Vick is wearing a huge chinchilla coat, rocking a pair of alligator boots and eating a chicken-fried steak (it exists).